Tax Settelment Live Transfers leads are the premier solution for any tax firm with a sales staff or business model that runs better with warm inbound calls. Too many specialists and firms have been burned by internet leads in the past. We understand that you have no interest in putting your closers on leads that need to be chased for weeks or months.

Live transfer tax debt leads were specifically invented to solve the biggest problems that companies like yours experienced when trying to convert leads into customers. We put your closers in position to focus only on what they do best: close.

Tax Settelment Live Transfers with Specific Criteria

You just have to tell us how many quality tax settlement leads you want. We pre-qualify prospects by the demographics and specific criteria you are looking for. When customers who match your criteria contact our inbound call center, we transfer them directly to your sales team to close the deal.

We provide:

  • Leads that are 100% exclusive — each live lead is sold to you and only you.
  • Leads that are truly live and “real time” — they aren’t already signed up with another company or under new circumstances after filling out a form weeks or months ago (both common problems with paper leads)
  • Tax settlement leads that offer the highest conversion rates in the industry also provide IRS Tax Debt Live Transfers. Our partners consistently close up to 25 percent of the potential sales we send them.
  • Apart from these services we are also providing Health Insurance Live Transfers, MCA Live Transfers and VA mortgage live transfers. For any inquiry kindly contact us.