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Using social media and lead generation websites, Manage Transfers targets people searching for a Medicare supplement policy. One of our specialized agents takes the client's call and pre-qualifies them according to your guidelines. In the case of a pre-qualified client, the customer is immediately transferred to your company by phone. Then, when your client is considering buying a Medicare supplement policy, you can sell them a policy.

Medicare Supplement companies raise rates every year for seniors - sometimes twice a year. The crippling rate increases cannot be afforded by seniors living on fixed incomes. But, thanks to standardized Medigap plans, they can save money without changing their benefits.

Agents can take advantage of this opportunity to educate seniors about Medicare, how it works, and how to save money on their monthly Medigap bills by comparing the differences between popular plans like F, G, and N.

Leads for Medicare Supplements That Convert

Medicare Supplement Live Transfers

Manage Transfers offers high-quality, high-closing rate leads for Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) or seniors aging into Medicare. Apart from Medicare, We provide life insurance leads and health insurance live transfers that are optimized for your needs.


An industry leader in Senior Market prospecting. You can trust us for the best Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) leads if you want to grow your business. We also offer year-round age-in leads.

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