Manage Transfers has its own third party verification center where all Live Transfers are screened for the second time before they reach you. Our Double Verification Process verifies all Live Transfers and Exclusive Live Leads twice for smallest errors and flaws.

Quality is the second name for us. It is extremely imperitive in today's competitive market that we follow high standards of quality and service. Untill unless we dont follow Rigid Quality Assurance Procedures , no one can get you leads that can benifit your business. Our Lead Double Verification system come into picture now and makes sure that you are not wasting your hard earned money in buying crap leads. Once our call center agent captures all the information from the client , that call is then transferred to a Floor Manager or a supervisor who verifies most of the details once again just to make sure that we are sending you quality live transfers.

We have systematic arrangements of teams, reps and their supervisors. We have a Supervisor monitoring production on every 5 reps. His/her duty is to make sure that no one is coaching clients everyone is following quality parameters etc. properly. This way our clients never leave us and we are able to retain 75% of our precious customers.